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Givova is one of the fastest growing international soccer brands. Professional teams around the world wear Givova, as do national programs such as Malta Football, Iran Football Federation and the Serbian Olympic Team in London 2012 and Brazil 2016. This is why Canadian teams from Canadian Soccer League level through to community clubs are choosing Givova as their sportswear

Today Givova has an integrated logistics platform of over 30,000m2 which is perfectly organized for the distribution of its products throughout the world. Givova evaluates the market demand offering flexibility and fast responses to the needs of the industry with an obsessive attention to details, textiles and style, so that its products not only suit the taste of the customers, but also follow the trends in sports fashion.

One huge advantage of working with a company like Givova, is accessing their buying power. Givova worldwide distributes to more than 25 countries and due to this volume, we at Givova Canada can take advantage of the wholesale prices, a company of this size can offer.

We have already partnered with a number of high profile football clubs around the country as well as saving money for the community clubs of Canada
Discover why GIVOVA is #1 in Italy, outselling all other major brands. Discover why this trend is sweeping through Europe, now arriving at the shores of CANADA.

Italian fashion. Italian quality.
Global performance.

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Special exclusive soccer uniforms from GIVOVA at very low prices for clubs,see flyer attached.

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